Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Regional City: testimony to the Lundine Commission

I applaud Stan Lundine and all his fellow members of the New York State Commission on Local Government Efficiency, which just released its report.

As I'll report in Thursday's edition of Artvoice, a gubernatorial commission in New York State has once again recommended that the State make city-county merger easier.


Here in Erie County, we worked hard in 2004 to produce a draft statute, a very thorough memorandum of law and an easy-to-understand Powerpoint on the rationale, the process and the outcome of a merger of Buffalo and Erie County.

Just to make it easier for anybody who is interested in this effort, I will post those documents on this blog. There's also a fine memorandum of law that the Buffalo firm Hodgson Russ prepared on this same issue, a memorandum which completely confirmed our Erie County conclusion: that there is today no constitutional or statutory obstacle to achieving city-county merger in New York. Financial issues, yes. Constitutional prohibition? No.

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