Friday, May 23, 2008

Joe Biden for Secretary of State

Senator Joseph Biden has once again demonstrated that careful thinking, long experience and a commitment to diplomacy, all told, constitute wisdom.

Biden has it. John McCain, sadly, is listening to people -- like the unfortunate Senator Joe Lieberman -- who don't.

In today's Wall Street Journal, Senator Biden's op-ed "Republicans and our Enemies" succinctly explains that Winston Churchill was right: jaw-jaw is better than war-war.

A new book by the editor of The New Republic spends a few hundred pages illustrating how Republican campaign rhetoric has infected our foreign policy and hurt us globally. (I'll review Scoblic's US and Them soon.)

"You either talk, you maintain the status quo, or you go to war," is Biden's rejoinder to John McCain's blustering blistering of Barack Obama. The Democrat's insistence that we have to talk to Iran and other bad actors is smart, Biden says. America can't foreclose talk as an option because doing so leaves us with options either unproductive or dangerous.

Bravo Joe. If a Democrat wins, you should get the appointment. If the Republican wins, your colleagues in the U.S. Senate should hold up McCain's appointment of a Secretary of State unless it's you.

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